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We specialize in Spartanburg Pressure Washing and Spartanburg Power Washing Services. At this time we would like to thank you for your time and let you know if you have any question that cannot be answered by this website to please call our mobile phone number (864) 729-1350. Not in a hurry? You can either email us at or use the contact form on the contact page.
We can offer you professional power washing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with 25 plus years of true in the field experience. We offer just about any type of pressure washing in Spartanburg you may need. From commercial pressure washing to residential power washing to Industrial and warehouse pressure cleaning.
We own state of the art steam pressure washers that can pump up to 8 gallons a minute @3500 PSI for the rough stuff like concrete cleaning and parking garage pressure washing, and then dialed down for a more gentle low pressure clean on items like awnings, residential homes and more.

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Zap Cleaning is a full service pressure washing company located in Spartanburg serving Spartanburg and all of it’s suburbs.


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Spartanburg Pressure Washing Veteran
Spartanburg Pressure Washing Veteran Are you looking for a simple and easy process from start to finish? Are you looking for a pressure washing company in Spartanburg that has been there before? Maybe your looking for a Spartanburg Pressure Washing Veteran!

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5 Things You Need To Know!
5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring an Spartanburg pressure washing company. Before allowing an Spartanburg pressure washing company to clean your premises, there are five important questions that you should ask. Not all pressure washing companies are alike.

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Best Pressure Washing Spartanburg When I talk about the best pressure washing company in Spartanburg I mean the best fit. Everybody and their brother feel they are the best. at what though? We feel we are the best fit for you a hard working individual who does not want to…

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Spartanburg Pressure Washing Service
Spartanburg Pressure Washing Service From concrete and cement pressure washing to brick and block pressure washing to unusual items such as shopping cart cleaning. We offer a wide range on general pressure washing services
Residential Pressure Washing Spartanburg
When you are looking for someone to maintain the outside of your home you are looking for someone you can trust to take care of most likely your largest investment. I know I own a home too and do the same thing when looking for someone to work on my home.
Commercial Pressure Washing Spartanburg
When I say commercial pressure washing I mean from storefronts to restaurants and everything in between. When I say Spartanburg I am referring to the entire Spartanburg land areas. Commercially we clean everything from awnings, buildings, concrete, tile & grout Etc.