Simple Secrets for Spotless Carpets

It is really essential to keep your home or office carpet clean, fresh and full-coloured, like new. Harsh chemicals are harmful to the patterns and fibres of the fibres. Fibres are of delicate nature and need precise and careful treatment.

If you notice a stain or a wet mark, it is advised that you get a clean terry towel (possibly white) and try to blot the substance away by transferring as much of it as possible onto the white cotton towel. The secret here is to blot and not to rub, as rubbing will smudge and increase the size of the stain, rendering it much more difficult to remove later on. You are also running the risk of leaving a permanent discolouration. Not ideal, is it? Remember to blot from outside towards the inside (inward), failure to do that risks an increase of the affected area.

You may have heard that baking soda and white vinegar are effective cleaning agents, mainly due to the chemical reaction between their ingredients. General dirt, wine, beer or coffee spots, bloody stains, pet accidents over the carpet can be treated with that mixture. Just soak for 10-15 minutes and then with gentle blotting movements transfer the stain onto the terry towel. Once removed, rinse with warm water and brush the carpet fibres along the grain. You can also leave dry towels over the area for a day in order to absorb any remaining dirt and humidity.